How Does SPLHT Work?

1. Download our app and input your phone number and email address to register
2. Accept our terms and conditions and add a payment method
3. Select a pick-up location and one of our drivers will be with you in minutes
4. Track and communicate with your Driver during the entire trip.
5. Be notified by the app once your luggage reaches its location

What Does SPLHT Cost?

Our app charges an additional $1 per mile surcharge for each mile in excess of 40 miles from the pick up location.

Where does SPLHT Deliver?

SPLHT delivers to any destination within 100 miles of your pick up location.

How SPLHT works for Drivers

You have better things to do than worry about your luggage shipping. Whether you’re hopping from the plane to a meeting, enjoying a long-awaited cruise or heading to a family vacation, your bags should be in good hands and off of your mind.

Flexible Schedule
No set hours. Day or night, you’ll always start & stop on your time.
No hassle to interact while driving
Earn more money for driving
Earn Tips
Make money when you want
You’re the boss. You get to decide how often you want to drive and earn.
Special Bonus Rewards.

How SPLHT works for users

We are an on-demand baggage Pickup, Delivery and Storage service available at your fingertips, through our one of a kind unique Mobile Application. Long gone are the days of trekking through the city with both hands filled. Just use our mobile app to summon a driver to pick up your bags and set a delivery location to have them dropped off and rediscovered at a later time.

SPLHT Luggage Service
SPLHT allows you to enjoy the wonders of the City without having to lug around your bags, and have the convenience of having it delivered within 40 miles of your pick-up location for a small fee.

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