Explore the city
without luggage

Request a Pick Up

Simply input your pick-up
address and get connected with a
Driver within seconds

Track your Luggage

Track your Luggage on the
GPS system on the app,
every step of the way.

Easy Payment

Our secure payment system
allows you to pay instantly
within the app using your credit
or check card.

Get confirmation

Receive confirmation of delivery
once your luggage makes
it to the destination

Be your own

Set your own hours, drive at your convenience and earn a lot more with us at SPLHT.

Check out the
city at you own

Simply hail a driver from the app, and we come to you

Enjoy Shopping
without bulky Luggage

We collect and deliver to and from Cruise Ships, Airports or Hotel and Deliver within 40 miles of your pick-up location.

You have better things to do than worry about luggage.

We charge you only $10 per additional bag up to 8 pcs.


Who we are

We are an on-demand baggage Pickup, Delivery and Storage service available at your fingertips, through our one of a kind unique Mobile Application. Long gone are the days of trekking through the city with both hands filled. Just use our mobile app to summon a driver to pick up your bags and set a delivery location to have them dropped off and rediscovered at a later time.

SPLHT Luggage Service

SPLHT allows you to enjoy the wonders of the City without having to lug around your bags, and have the convenience of having it delivered within 40 miles of your pick-up location for a small fee.